Friday, October 29, 2010


Two months until Christmas. I'm looking forward to School holidays, beach days and balmy nights.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Gus has been at school for three weeks now and he couldn't be happier. Before he got there I admit that I was worried. At home he would do just about anything to get out of storytime or any reading activity so you'll understand my surprise to find that he has soaked in an amzing amount of information. He's definately a kinesthetic learner who learns on the move and boy has he been moving. Everyday he's got something new and different to tell me about what happened while he was away. My heart is full to the brim.


I nearly didn't make it to work today because I think I broke my toe last night and could barely walk this morning. Thankfully year 2 mainstream students don't need me to chase them or carry them or generally keep up with them in the same way as Special Ed students do. In my (soon to be) old job I would have had to have a day off. Today when I couldn't keep up with a particularly spirited student she kept skipping back to me like a little yo-yo. In class I just had to hang about at the front of the class and all of my subjects came to pay respect to Queen Dee of the Hop-a-long's.
We had a great science lesson. We made cornflour gloop because our subject this term is matter so the lesson was about how combining matter can lead to some very interesting results. We made so much mess I am very glad we experimented outside on the cement.
It's going to be good to be a teacher.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I've been living in two worlds. For one week each fortnight I am a pauper and I travel to and from work on the express to city bus. I get on at the Modbury interchange after lining up with all the other meercats. Then bury my nose in the flesh of my fellow sardine (thankfully a fresh bunch, not stinky). I briskly travel to the school from the bus stop in my 4 year old deadly treadlies (sneakers) and trade them for a small heel a little closer to my destination.

Then the next week I go from dog house to penthouse.

For one week every fortnight I get to drive to work in a little piecce of heaven. Let this picture speak a thousand words.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The school holidays are over

These holidays the cousins spent a lot of time together. Play days and sleepovers were the order of each day. There was even one day when I was in charge of every single child while their beautiful mothers were working hard. What made this day so memorable to me is that my Zac didn't injure, beat up or generally lose 'it' at the expense of the safety of any child in our home. Yay Zac.
This is a photo of them all together on that day. A commemoration of Zac's triumphant day. Xander was in the photo until he scream and cried and bucked himself off the couch.

Every other day of these holidays this:

is where I have spent a couple hours each night.
Reading and typing have been the only items on my holiday 'to do list'. With 4000 words due in the last two weeks and an exam in three weeks with my final piece of evidence of learning (a 50 page powerpoint) due at the same time I have had a fair amout of work to do.
But the end is in sight. If only I didn't have to worry about one minor detail...getting a job.
Have a great 4th term everyone.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gus had a birthday

Gus is pretty cool. He was born with all the patience God was going to give him and he used it all up in the first thee years of being here. I have to admit that I helped to run his resources low. Like when he would wake up from a sleep 4 hours after his last feed and wimper as if to say 'I'm here, please don't forget to nourish me.' I would be busy dealing with Zac's latest drama and would say to Gus 'Just a minute.' A minute would turn into and hour and I would hear Gus wimper again as if to say 'No really, don't worry about me. I'll wait here until you have time to feed me.' I would feel so bad when I realised that it had been 5 hours since his last feed that I would nuzzle him and let him suckle til he was full to the brim. I would sit with him a devote my whole being to him and completely ignore the little 2 year old using my shoulders and head as a climbing gym. So now he is five he is quick to anger, yet as equally quick he will turn to show me affection.
For example I'll stub my toe in the kitchen and cry out in pain. Gus will leave his 'time-out' spot and walk into the kitchen having heard my cry and ask me "Do you want a kiss Mum?" How can I refuse him.
He's funny too. He was telling knock knock jokes at three and at five he still loves a good joke telling session. He'll hide something before I walk into a room and as he looks at he his eyes will dart to the hidden item. He can't help it. He gives it away everytime. But he laughs and thinks it's all great fun.
I hope he remains as loving and tender as he is today and I hope he gets a refill on the patience soon.