Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Women of letters

Women of letters is an inspiring forum that is bringing the art of letter writing to a new audience.

There is something intimate about letter writing. Somehow it is easier to convey tone in a letter than an e-mail/SMS/update/twitter. Maybe it's because the medium is different and the sense of personal sacrifice is inscribed in each word that is painstakingly placed with the pen. Then there is the commitment to fold, seal, address and post the letter that says "My thoughts on this matter are valuable and should be given due consideration."

When was the last time you thought enough to write a letter and post it?

I once wrote one to my father. I knew not where he was and I had come to a point in my life where I was more than a little bit tired of carrying baggage that I had been constantly repacking 'just in case'. So I wrote to him and put a stamp on it no address, return or otherwise, and posted it. Cathartic!!

I like to think of blogging as a sister to letter writing for the time and consideration spent in editing topic and content are genetically similar. Posting may not be as time consuming to the blogger but it is as equally deliberted as that moment when you let go of the letter at the post box. You know, just before you let go and send it on it's way you think "Is this right?"

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have a pet peeve.

I can't stand it when people say they have the flu when clearly they have a mild to moderate cold or sinus trouble.
I have another pet peeve.
It bugs me that I can get through a whole year of work with minor illnesses that don't justify days let alone a day in bed but on the first night/day of holidays I'm so sick I just want to lie in bed all day.
I think I might have a severe cold or maybe even the flu.