Monday, March 23, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

By the Grace of God

How do I choose? How do I change?

At the dawn of day I look to my crystal ball I see that woman who gets angry. She smacks them all soundly then puts them to bed. I think she's a bit mean and I don't like her very much.

I want to see the pretty Mum. She's the one who tousels her son's hair as he does his homework while she watches the baby play. She makes a nutritious meal that will be eaten by all, happy to be together and sharing their feelings.

Nah, she looks a bit ridiculous besides her husband's probably having an affair.

I'll settle for family prayer.

You don't have to be kneeling, just there.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's good to be a grown up

I wrote a whole post just now and by the end of it realized that I had written a journal entry rather than a blog post. So I made it a journal entry and before I lost momentum I started the post all over again.

But I stand by my title.

I love that I'm not at school anymore. I think it's great that somewhere after I turned 18 I realised that I didn't have to be friends with other people my age. I found that I have things in common with people older or younger than me. I have equals who do not fit my demographic. I have respect from people who are both younger and older than me. This respect is based on their observations of and conversation with me. I don't feel constrained by a stereotype or image. I am a member of a massive club. We are The Grown Ups. We can do what ever we want to do. So if you are not a grown up yet hold on you will be one day soon. Then you too can stay up as late as you want to and eat a whole packet of lollies while you play on the computer because you bought them with your own money. Sure there are consequences but don't let them deter you from your chosen path. We can handle them because we are
The Grown Ups.