Friday, March 12, 2010

Ladies who lunch

You know that feeling, when you hope you're making friends and not just embarrasing yourself. Forcing your interests and opinions on others.

Well I think I'm in. I was casually invited to lunch with some school mum's. Yay! Our kids go to school together and since I'm not working 9-5 I'm able to hang around and chat a bit in the school yard. It totally reminds me of being in school. All those insecurities come flooding back.

'Am I pretty enough?'

'Am I interesting enough?'

'Do they really want to hang out with me or are they plotting to run away from me?' (That really happened to me in year 8. Thank you Natalie and Ruth for letting me hang out with you guys when it did.)

These girls are all so pretty and all so interesting and all so not running away.

I had a great lunch today. Thanks girls. We'll discuss BFF momentos next time. (too soon?)