Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bless you

Erin is being blessed next Sunday and Uncle Andy asked Mum if it was next Sunday because I wrote the wrong date on his invite. So the above is the correct invite. I don't have most of the cousins addresses and I am ridiculously bad at sending out invites. I always leave it to the last minute. This is the real reason that my children will probably never get a birthday party, I probably wont send the invites. So if you are family and you are in town come next Sunday to Poppy's baby blessing. We would love to see you there.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It is such a happy sound that can fill me with a sense of well being that I wish I could bottle. I don't need affirmations or drugs or self help book I just need my children to laugh. Erin laughed yesterday. There is hope in this world where there are children laughing. Happy babies make for happy Mummies and happy Mummies make for happy families. We are a happy family right now for the reason that Mick had his first weekend off work in over a month.

This photo was taken over a year ago at Tusmore Park. I like it for a couple of reasons.
1) Tusmore Park is a place where I have a lot of happy memories. All of them with my siblings.
2) Amy is very relaxed and in her element in this photo. This is towards the end of the time when Amy could be really happy with Gus. Soon after this he was too fast and too cheeky and too unpredictable for Amy to want to be around him all the time.
3) This photo reminds me of how much Amy loves babies. she loves them so much that if I am holding my own babies and not feeding them Amy will literally huff until I hand over said baby. She will get annoyed when Mum or Granny come over and take the baby from her even though she has been here all day just sleeping and playing with the baby.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I'm so grateful that for me Easter isn't just another public holiday weekend. It's a weekend to celebrate the eternal life giving force of the crucifiction and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

However that doesn't mean I can't also join in the pagan and modern celebrations that include new life and egg giving bunnies and chocolate...mmmm, chocolate.

Early this morning the EB left magical floury footprints and Zac woke Gus so they could discover the magic together. A nice Easter Sunday well begun.

Friday, March 21, 2008


"I'm forever blowing bubbles"
20th March 2008
I'm surprising myself all the time. I have become very addicted to my computer all of a sudden. to the extent that I actually registered for my first online chat group.
Yay me.
This is the page I made tonight (instead of going to bed).

Easter weekend begins tomorrow. Mick has the whole weekend off. It is his first day off in 5 weeks. I am so excited it will be really nice to snuggle up with someone bigger than me. It will also give me a reason to (reluctantly) kick my other three bedwarmers out. With Big Daddy in the bed there is not a lot of room left for the crew. All they get is a quick cuddle and then a piggy back ride back to their bed. It will be a super weekend well spent together especially if we actually spend it together. I have a feeling that we are risking a lack of togetherness because we don't have any definate plans. Usually when we go with the flow we get to the end of the holiday and say to each other that next time it with be different knowing that it probably wont.
I love Mick with all my heart. I know that we are meant to be together forever. I knew this from our very first date. I was a little late to the party though, Mick new I was the one for him 6 years earlier. But it was all for the best because I ended up marrying my best friend for real.

Happy Easter. May you recognise the blessing of sacrifice in your life this weekend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

beginner photographers

Our blue eyed Popcorn Raindrop
Gus took this photo this morning. I put the camera on a stool and sat so that he just had to press the button.

Gus has a cute factor that he already uses to difuse my anger.

This was another of Gus's photo's

Zac loves to take my camera and just snap some shots.

Zac took this photo of Popcorn and I. He had to hold the camera because we don't have a tripod for it. He even held the camera on it's side for this shot.

Zac is such a character he would rather be silly than be cute.

Monday, March 17, 2008

monster trucks

Saturday night was hot. Mick and I took the crew to the Adelaide Show Grounds to watch the monter trucks and other events.

It easy to tell that the boys had a good time because at church the next morning they told everyone who stopped to talk and even some who didn't. They told stories about the bikes and race cars and especially the very, very loud monster truck's batman and scoobie-doo. not very spiritual but they were so tired from the late night before that they were the most reverent they have ever been. They didn't fight and I didn't have to threaten them once.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

join 'em

You know how it goes. There are the pioneers and explorers and then there's everyone else, bandwagon jumpers, followers, copy cats, sheep.

I'm sure some grumpy old person will bemoan the loss of conversation skills, correct grammar or lack of serious content to the posted word. But you know what, before I started reading the blogs posted by my family I knew very little about them. This is because I didn't write to them or call them. I used to wait until Mum or Granny had spoken to or got a letter from an aunt to find out what the cousins were doing. I thought if I enjoy reading about Ari's wedding plans or Jesse's regular posts in the middle of the night there is a chance you might like to read about me. I had previously thought that blogging was the domain of the angst ridden teenagers to post their angst ridden poetry or bully and bitch about class mates. Now that I've seen all my cousins and aunts blogs (not an angst ridden teenager or bully among them) I now realize the the truth. Blogging is for the hard working woman who doesn't get out (except to go do paid work) to see her friends or make new ones because there's always one child sleeping/sick/hungry/too naughty to take out in polite society.

So I joined them.