Friday, May 30, 2008


It's unaustralian to not support a football team. AFL, NRL, Super 14 Union or A-Leauge, pick a code or one team from each. In AFL I go for Port Adelaide's Port Power. In NRL I go for Penrith Panthers. In Union I support NSW Warratahs. If I followed A-league I'd barrack for Adelaide United. I don't go to the games. I don't watch the games unless Mick is watching. I don't know how well any of the teams are going. But if anyone asks "Who do you go for?" I can answer with any of the above, and then I won't be found to be lacking in Australian spirit. I would hate to be called unaustralian.
Some people say we should have tests to decide who gets citizenship I don't think you can test for apathy. That's all you really need to be Australian, apathy. You don't have to be apathetic about everything, just one or two things. Some people like to call it 'laid back' others 'easy going'. I'll let you in on a little secret mostly we just don't care. We live so far apart from each other let alone the rest of the world that we have cultivated a 'she'll be right mate' attitude because as experience has shown us things will be alright.
And even if your team looses the grand final by a record margin there is always next year.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Child's Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help Dad to be

healthy to go to work

so he can get stuff

for me and Gus.

In Jesus' name,



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It was the worst of days, it was the worst of days.

It really didn't matter that we all wanted my first day back at work to be fabulous. Because what we want and what we get have often never met. But yesterday what I wanted and what I got had not only never met but hated each other (despite never meeting) so much that they could not have been more opposite if they had been the north and south poles.
I stayed up to cheer Casey Stoner on in the French Moto GP. I fell asleep as Rossi over took him. I feel in light of the days coming events I shouldn't have bothered as I seemed to be carrying around a huge bad luck vibe. In the end Stoner couldn't have come any more last. Rossi won.
Poppy woke up for a morning feed. I gave it to her but worried that it was too early as I had wanted to feed her closer to the time I was leaving home. Too bad you can't reason with a four month old.
My alarm went off for the first time since December 15th 2007. I had 1 hour to get ready so no sneaky snooze alarm for me this morning. Get dressed in the cold. Do hair and make up in the cold. Get boys breakfast in the cold.
Go out in the colder and drive to work.
I got to work as one of the two school buses was pulling out of the yard. Rob (the bus boss, driver and the person with whom I am meant to be driving with today) reverses. I quickly scan the other seat on the bus and detected an assistant already there. That's alright, I think to myself, I'm probably on the other bus, I don't know yet that it's going to be a bad day so I'm optimistic. Rob busts my bubble without delay. "What are you doing here?" Obviously the bus boss was not expecting me.
I'm not on the bus and I'm 1 1/2 hours early for work. So I went on a tour of the school because since I am here last we have had major redevelopments and there are new classrooms and buildings to check out.
Tour over. 1hour and 10 mins to kill before school starts. I read the newspaper. I had a drink of water. I talked for a minute with my new boss when he came in at 8:20am. He said I should talk to his deputy, she's responsible for HR.
My old friends and staff members start getting to work so lots of hugs and "how you been?"s I find out I'm going to be working with a substitute teach today but that's okay because she's good. She works here all the time, so I don't have to tell her what to do on my first day back.
Things go well for a bit
I got a punch in my arm from a teenage male while helping him to wash a plate.
I got a head butt for a very tall student whom I love to work with. And will be working with nearly every day.
I called Mick to see how he went today. We are so in sync. He got very frustrated with Poppy for not drinking and lots of crying (Poppy noy Mick) and Gus sucked down a heap of teething gel, which Mick discovered can cause vomiting, diarrhea and depressed breathing. Close observation required no symptoms displayed.
I forget to pick up Amy from work.
I realise I forgot to pick up Amy from work
when Mum comes to my house to pick her up. But she's not here. I tell Mum and in less than a second she is out the door, in the car and out the driveway. It took Mum 8 mins to get to Amy's work and she's not there. Mum is freaking now. Meanwhile I have called Ingrid to find out if anybody called her as an emergency contact because they didn't call me. I call Amy's house to see if she is at home, no answer. And as an extra measure I call Amy's work to see if anyone is still there. Nope.
I put all the kids in the car and head to Mum's house just for something to do. Mum calls me just as I am leaving the driveway. She has tears in her voice as she tells me that she found Amy on the front porch at home. Amy didn't have the right key and couldn't get in when a supervisor dropped her home 2 hours earlier. I feel so bad and think it's best to save all my biggest apologies for when I see Mum and Amy together. So I just tell Mum that's good and I will see her soon. At least I have remembered to bring the shopping bags that Mum left at my house so unceremoniously. This is small consolation for forgetting to pick up her baby, but I have to start making amends somewhere.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is it

Tomorrow morning I'm going back to work. Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. No Au Pair. No nanny. No child care, we can't afford them. No grandparents (mine works and the others are unavailabe for different reasons).There are 7 weeks left in this term. There are 26 weeks left of school before Christmas holidays, and I am counting.
With the other two I was ready to go back to work, Zac was 5 months and Gus was 4 months, like Poppy. I'm not ready this time. I've been enjoying Zac's company so much, he has just started helping me to empty the dish washer and we talk about important stuff like fires, earthquakes and death. I can't wait to pick him up from kindy to hear what new piece of information he has learnt that day. Or to talk to his teachers and hear how much they too enjoy his quick thinking and cheeky ways.
I love being at home with Gus. He has no trouble playing on his own and he is so funny. He loves to kick a ball and swing in the back yard. He is potty training during the day and I wont be at home to hear him walk naked into the lounge room and say "I did poo on the potty Mum. I need a lolly."
I'm scared to leave Poppy at home with all the boys. I've been trying for 6 days to wean her during the days. today she drank the most in one day from a bottle, 80mls. The intended amount for a 4month old is 800mls per day. I'm pretty sure she is trying to make up the difference when I give her the night time feed. And she has actually lost her voice from all the resistance crying that she has done. She is showing her true colours as a stubborn, strong willed little lady.
I am going to miss them all so much. Mick, Sweetie they are all yours.
So tomorrow I get to go play with other people's children. That is a whole nother world of fun.
Bring it on.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kung Foo Cutie

Gus was being amusing on the other side of the room and I was superficially enjoying his antics until I became caught up in Rebecca's week long blog challenge. While I was reading day 2, where the Smylie's got an au pair, Gus came over and insinuated his self onto my lap.

he carefully took a sip from his cup. I took note of this and was impressed because I am constantly reminding the crew to be careful with drinks at the computer table. He then placed his cup on the table. Gus turned his gorgeous big brown eyes on me. I momentarily acknowledged his presence by absently looking in his direction. He opened his mouth and he let loose a foul beast of a burp from his gaping mouth. Then cute as you please "Scooze me."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to all women young and old, married or single, biological or otherwise. We are all mothers. We mother our children, our lovers, our friends. We are mothered by the women who love us. I am mothered by my Mum, my sisters (even Amy), my Aunts, Grandmother and girlfriends. I love all women and I love to be a woman.

My Mum taught me to be feminine, strong, patient, independant and funny. Most importantly she taught me the importance of family.
Thank you Mum.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Just a quick note.
We are leaving Singapore right now. Been here a week and Everyone has been so nice and they adored Poppy. We have had an awesome time. more details later.