Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gus has a couple of best friends. Rip-a-Lee, Oukie, Bimza, Shrek and Giggles. When we go out Gus will ask if one of his friends can come too. This short exchange will go something like this.

"Get in the car Gus."
"Can Oukie come?"
He'll then find his friend and say to him, "Yay! Oukie you can come."

A week ago we go in the car without the usual song and dance. As we were pulling out of the driveway I asked Gus if he was okay. He says to me "No Mum Oukie slap-da-me."

I was suprised and a little amused as I said "Really Gus? Why did he slap you."
"He just slap-da-me."
"Did you get cross with him?"
"Me telled him off."
"What happened?"
"He didn't listen to me."
"Oh well you can just play with your other friends when we get home. Okay Gus?"
"No Mum, Shrek slap-da-me, Bimza slap-da-me, Rip-a-Lee slap-da-me, Giggles slap-da-me."
"What did you do?"
"No, I didn't do anything they slap-da-me!"
"Okay Gus you're okay now. We'll be at Granny's soon."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love him

Like a breath of fresh air I come home every day to the love of my life. You spend all night working and come home in time to look after our children so I can go to work too. And when I come home I know you are extremely tired. I tell you to go to bed a hundred times but you want to see me so you follow me around the kitchen. I love you sweet heart and I can't wait to spend more time with you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

"I'm tired, so freakin tired"

Just over a month ago I was awake 'til all hours of the morning as I tried to watch as much of Le Tour De France as possible. I was on school holidays for the first two weeks of the three week event. Of the 21 nights I believe I saw 4 or 5 finishes, at least two of which I was woken from slumber by Poppy just in time to catch the last 5 k's. Some nights I would remember to watch the highlights while I was making dinner but for the most part I missed the end of many more stages than I caught. And for all of my trouble I was still woken at about 6am by The Boys.

Ten days ago my sleeping problems returned with a vengence. The Olympic Games began auspiciously. I took the kids up to Kristies house, where we watched the opening ceremony and ate Chinese food together. At 11pm when all the dancing was done and athletes were entering the stadium I thought it was time to make the 45 minute drive home with my sleeping babies. About 25 mins into the trip I knew we would not make it home safely I tried to get there in one continuous run. I would blink my eyes and they had become sluggish and disgruntled. They did not want to stay open. My only option was to pull over and join my children in the land of nod. I turned off the main road and parked between a church and a school. I double checked the locks on the doors, reclined my chair and slept for 40mins. I awoke when Poppy stirred as she would soon need a feed and I had no bottle to give her I started the car once more and drove home safely. Since that night I have been home to watch all of my evening Olympic events so that I can sleep within the peacful confines of my own bed when I get too tired.