Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthday Girl

Poppy had her 3rd birthday on Saturday with fairy cakes and princess dresses. She was definitely princess for a day (or two). She loves her 'Punzel dress all the way from 'Mareica from Ailish and Aunty 'Wistie'.

Having Poppy in our family has been such a joy and a surprising blessing.

I have been watching her closely these last few weeks that I have been at home on holidays and seen her mature from toddler to preschooler. She dances and sings her way through every day. Her repertoire of songs has increased from Twinkle Twinkle and Baa Baa to self composed pieces about love.

I was not allowed on her party boat last week coz I made her super mad but after I made her awesome birthday cake (see Kristie never too poor for birthday cake) I'm certain I'm back on the party boat.

Seriously thanks to family and friends who helped make Poppy's picnic a fun affair. Poppy got a present from her friend Mia and she insists on carrying it with her every where. The horse, Maximus, comes in the car just about everywhere. Sadly he has suffered a sex change and is now an unnamed girl horse. However seeing Poppy play and sing and laugh has made me grateful for the good memories I have of my childhood and made me remeber how great it is to be a child. I hope to be able to preserve her innocence and childhood for a good while longer. Tough to do, I'm sure, but well worth the effort.


Kristie said...

That is the most awesome birthday cake ever. You have redeemed yourself. Love you and that gorgeous girl in her "Punzel" dress. Getting teary now!!!!!

Ash said...

Happy Birthday cute girl!

That is an AWESOME cake! What a lucky girl!!!

Lisa-Jayne Mutton said...

Cool Dee Very cool! Awesome birthday cake and Poppy looks a lot like you in that photo I think!